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Günter Endres

Monastic Houses of Medieval Britain

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Power & Piety is an ambitious project to visit, describe and photograph  over one thousand monastic houses to be found throught the British Isles. The communities of monks, nuns and friars that lived there exercised a powerful influence on society, culture, art, learning and agriculture.


As the religious orders accumulated land and wealth, there arose from the  countryside the most magnificent churches and conventual buildings that reflected their high status. However, this religious fervour was not to last and was finally extinguished between 1536 and 1540, when Henry VIII ordered the dissolution and destruction of all monasteries. Yet, much has survived to remind us of a momentous period in our history.


During our over twenty-year collaboration, we have visited virtually all the monastic remains described in these books and have taken thousands of photographs. Others have generously permitted the use of their photographs in places we have been unable to reach. Our selection has been made to illustrate some of the more interesting features on each site, as well as the elaborate architectural detail that has survived in many monasteries. It is hoped that these might encourage a visit when in the vicinity, or persuade some intrepid adventurers that a long journey would be worthwhile.


These eight volumes cover the whole of England, Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man and Ireland.  The final volume entitled  "The Warrior Monks " explores the remains left behind by the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller  throughout the entire British Isles.


The foreword was kindly written by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, for which we are very grateful.


As you explore the sample pages provided for each of the eight volumes you will see the detailed gazetteer and location maps for each property. A short history is provided to bring them to life in your imagination. The thousands  of full colour photographs are all provided with detailed captions and will guide you as to what to search for when you visit the sites.


All eight volumes are now available from Amazon and other booksellers.
Please buy one or more copies and have your own record of Britain's wonderful monastic heritage.


Thank you.    Günter Endres & Graham Hobster



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Volume 1 - Northern England Volume 3 - East Central England
Volume 2 - Southern England Volume 4 - West Central England and Wales
Volume 5 - Scotland and the Isle of Man Volume 6 - Ireland - Connacht 
and Munster
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Volume 7 - Ireland - Leinster 
and Ulster Volume 8 - The Warrior Monks
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